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Are you losing out on your dental benefits?

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Every year New Year's day rolls in and sweeps away millions of dollars in unused dental benefits and flex savings plans.  You work hard for your benefits don't let them go to waste if you have lost track of your dental exams or have been procrastinating a filling or crown check with your dentist's office they can help you find out if you have unused coverage.  Head over to the American Dental Association for more tips about making the most of your plan.

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Open Enrollment--It’s that time of year again

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As the leaves turn and fall sets in, the season brings with it the annual open enrollment period for health insurance. As health care costs rise, it might be tempting to opt out of dental coverage for your family to save the monthly premium dollars. However, that might not be the right move. Why not, you ask?


Oral health is a very important part of your overall health. Simple untreated cavities can lead to more serious problems, such as ...

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Donate to Local Students!

Aug 2 2017

With the beginning of August comes back to school. An annual survey conducted by Huntington Bank
finds that a backpack and school supplies for a middle-school student this year will run parents about
$312, up more than $100 from last year. We are proud to announce we are partnering with Coyote Hill
and Columbia Public Schools to acquire Back to School Supplies.

The children at Coyote Hill will be attending Harrisburg Schools for the first time. Having the right
supplies helps alleviate anxiety for all of the children. School starts Wednesday, August 16 at Harrisburg
Schools. Please drop off supplies to our office at 601 W Nifong ...

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