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Halloween Candy Buy Back: The Answer to Candy Overload.

Every year kids bring home buckets of candy from their Halloween adventures only to be disappointed when they don't get to eat all 10 pounds in one weekend. Instead of driving ourselves crazy looking for fresh hiding spots, this year we are going to buy it back, cold hard cash is a great way to mend their candy craving hearts.

So what to do with the candy? Throwing it in the trash doesn't feel right so we are partnering with Operation Shoebox and send it to our troops serving overseas. Help your kids feel good about giving up their stash by bringing them to our candy buyback on Nov 1st. We will give them $1 per pound plus they get to join us in taking care of the men and women who keep us free.

Bring Your UN-OPENED CANDY to All American Dental the day after HALLOWEEN between 3pm and 6pm & WE Will Buy it Back for $1.00 per Pound. We will take care of packing it up and shipping to our troops.

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