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I always feel welcome when I arrive at my appointment. The staff was friendly and Dr Wietholder did a good job working on my braces for the last 6-7 months. Now my braces are off and I am very happy to see the results. - R.S.
I have seen much innovation and and an expanded level of service since Dr. Wietholder took over the practice. I have been a patient at that location for over 20 years, clearly the new direction the practice is taking is overwhelmingly positive. - T.T.
Excellent as usual. Wouldn't go anywhere else! - S.W.

Do you treat children and what age do they need to be seen for the first time?

All American Dental in Columbia MO, is a family friendly general dentist. We treat patients of all ages. We enjoy the fun and excitement that kids bring into our office.

Just like with adults, good oral health is important for children. We recommend bringing the child in for their first visit after their first baby tooth has erupted, which usually around six months of age and before the child turns one. 

The first visit is a "happy visit". It is an opportunity for the staff and Dr. Wietholder to meet the child, show them the office, instruments, and hear some of the sounds. It is our goal to make this visit fun and get the child excited about visiting the dentist. As always it ends with a visit to the treasure chest!

We believe in building positive relationships with children through early, positive dental visits. Children that have a positive relationship with their hygienist and dentist tend to have overall better oral hygiene. This will help them prevent severe dental issues and keep their teeth healthy. We will customize your child's treatment as they grow, so they are always getting exactly the type of dental care they need to stay healthy.

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At All American Dental, we are proud to be your comprehensive dental home. Dr. Wietholder has completed additional education and experience beyond dental school, to be able to offer the many services we provide. Our staff also receives additional education and training to ensure you receive the highest quality care possible.
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