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We provide a variety of comprehensive services to fit your needs. See a complete list of our services and additional information below.
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At All American Dental, we are proud to be your comprehensive dental home. Dr. Wietholder has completed additional education and experience beyond dental school, to be able to offer the many services we provide. Our staff also receives additional education and training to ensure you receive the highest quality care possible. In addition to our technical expertise, we offer an inviting, non-judgmental atmosphere. You are our priority at All American Dental!

All of these details of All American Dental combine to create an outstanding dental experience for our Columbia and Mid-Missouri patients!

General and Preventive Services

This is the backbone of our practice. Dr. Wietholder believes in preventing dental problems before they start and catching problems early before they become bigger problems. It is best to prevent cavities and gum disease, but should they start to form, early treatment prevents pain and more extensive treatments later. Regular dental cleanings, x-rays, and exams are the keys to prevention and early detection for you and your family. We recommend two cleanings and exams every year with one set of x-rays. Please be proactive in preventing dental problems.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Millions of Americans are unhappy with their smiles. This can greatly effect self-esteem, especially in social settings. At All American Dental, we can help. We have many ways to enhance your smile. If your teeth are darker than you would like them to be, we have many different teeth whitening options available. Our porcelain veneers, crowns, or cosmetic orthodontics (braces or clear aligners) are also great options to increase the esthetics of your smile.

Implant Dentistry

Missing teeth can have a devastating effect on your smile and bite. Dental implants can be a great option to replace these teeth. They act like your natural teeth and preserve your jaw bone. They are also more secure than full or partial dentures as they remain in the mouth permanently making you confident with your smile. Most patients are candidates for dental implants. 

Sedation Dentistry

Fear and anxiety related to the dental office is a very common problem. Many people let this prevent them from obtaining proper care for their teeth. Please do not let this be you. We are proud to offer oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to ease your dental anxiety. These give our patients a sense of relaxation while getting high-quality dental care. The sense of relaxation can also assist those with a strong gag reflex or those who have difficulty getting numb.

Dental Sleep Medicine

Sleep apnea is a very common and serious condition! Many sufferers do not even know that they have the disease. It effects many aspects of life and can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, acid reflux, stroke and heart attacks. Snoring can often be a good indicator of sleep apnea. At All American Dental, we believe in whole body health and have the ability to screen for sleep apnea as there are often oral signs of the disease.

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You and your family’s oral health are the priority at All American Dental! Dr. Wietholder’s calm, compassionate nature will help you feel at ease in our office. Call All American Dental in Columbia, MO to schedule your appointment today!

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