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I am afraid of the dentist. Will my dental appointment be painful?

At All American Dental we understand that many people have anxiety or stress related to visiting the dentist. Your comfort is a top priority at our office! We pride ourselves on offering a compassionate, non-judging environment, and forging long-lasting relationships with our patients. Dr. Wietholder is skilled at giving very effective numbing injections with little to no pain. We rub numbing gel onto your gums prior to the injection to make your experience more comfortable. He also uses the correct amount of anesthetic to ensure a pain-free procedure to reduce any anxiety you may have. Your appointment should feel comfortable all the way through.

Nervousness regarding your dental procedure can sometimes cause the anesthetic to work less effectively. Therefore, helping you become comfortable with dentistry is important.  Dr. Wietholder will talk you through the procedure and ensure you are at ease during the entire process. Should you require additional assistance in reducing your anxiety, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral sedation dentistry. Our patients appreciate having these options. You can read more about these on our sedation page.

Please do not let dental anxiety keep you from a healthy smile! Call All American Dental in Columbia, MO, to discuss your personal treatment. 


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